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Challenges Faced By New Moms & Combating Them

Congratulations, you are a new mom! But, remember that this crusade into the new world of mommyism can be a little intimidating. Especially since there is so much information out there that is designed to tell you how to take care of yourself and the little one, or how to balance your work and the new ‘mommy hours’.shutterstock_105780212 (2)

Thankfully, we have tried to answer those few crucial questions that every new mommy needs to know! Read on to see how a few small insights can make life easier for you.

Getting used to breastfeeding:

Let’s say it like it is. Breastfeeding doesn’t come as naturally to all mothers. Especially with all the pressure that doctors, friends & family put on young mother on natural nursing, the entire process becomes all the more stressful.

Try this:

If it is not going as well for you, get help from a lactation consultant or speak to a mother who has recently nursed her child and can give some useful, friendly advice. Relax, be patient and confident, you will settle into the routine faster.

Coping with emotional mood swings:

Motherhood also gives birth to a lot of emotions that you never knew existed. Looking after a child and a household can prove difficult enough; to top it, there are a lot of hormonal and emotional changes that a new mother goes through. You may often feel disappointed, frustrated and even overly stressed.

Try this:

Take some time out for yourself and spend quality time with your partner. It is also strongly suggested you get the necessary help you may need to take care of your baby without feeling guilty about it. Do not try to do everything on your own.

On dealing with feeling fat & unattractive:

Motherhood often leaves one feeling like they have added extra pounds and is not as attractive as they used to be. And then, a lot of mothers go through an entire circle of going to the gym, trying different diets, getting frustrated and giving up.

Try this:

While it is good to try and squeeze in some exercise in your schedule, try not to hyper-focus on losing weight after pregnancy. Just a few hours of play time or a walk with your baby in a nearby park could also prove to be great forms of exercises. If you are pregnant right now, try consulting a doctor about an exercise schedule that you can fit in & follow. Keep it simple and stress less.

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Getting back to work dilemma:

For some mothers, getting back to work after a few months of having a baby is a no brainer. But for many, it becomes a matter of choice whether they want to get back to work or stay home till the baby is older.

Try this:

Speak to other mothers in similar situation. If one partner is making sufficient money to take care of the family, you could even look at not working for at least a year. Moreover, consider asking your employer for a flexible schedule or look into part time opportunities.

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t feel guilty about taking small breaks to eat lunch, shower or take a small nap in peace. Accept the fact that babies will cry and stop picking them up every time they get cranky. Also, it is understandable that you’d want everything to be perfect and spotless for your little one, but give yourself some leeway. A lot of times criticism from family or friends can shake your confidence, do not let them do that to you! Remember that motherhood is a beautiful phase and you learn as you go.

Proof reading done by Shanthala Yashas, iCare Clinics, Dubai, UAE.