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Dress for the occasion: Baby's 1st birthday

Time flies, and it's been 12 months since your little one first made an appearance – dressed only in their birthday suit. The first birthday is a big deal. Sure, your one-year-old won't care or remember what they wear, do or eat – but there's still every reason to make them stand out from the crowd with a great party outfit.
Dress for the occasion
If you're having a soft play party keep it casual; if it's a kids party then why not opt for fancy dress; or, if it's a family lunch then they can get suited and booted – just remember to bring a bib. They don't call this the cake-smashing outfit for nothing!
Personalised t-shirts and onesies are not just unique, they are also a special keepsake of this milestone occasion. My First Birthday, Fun To Be One, and It Took A Year To Get This Cute are all great messages to get printed under your child's photo. 
If you have siblings or twins, it can be fun to dress them up in matching outfits (they’ll hate you for it when they’re older though), and don't forget to use this day when the family is all dressed up to take some great snaps for the album.
Little princess
Make your little one the belle of the ball with a pink tutu, tiara and pink slippers. Dressing up? Then Snow White, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell are timeless classics. Go girlie with a floral dress or chic with a fancy tunic and leggings. Or, your mini style diva can dress to impress in floral print dungaree shorts or a polo t-shirt dress. 
You will end up with a picture perfect outfit - and just imagine how cute those birthday portraits will be.   
Prince Charming
Baby boys look super cute dressed up as Mickey Mouse at this age. If you're having a themed party, your little one can blend in with an outfit to match: Barney, Sponge Bob, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Thomas the Tank Engine are great to wear and share. 
Stay cool and casual with a polo shirt, chino shorts and baseball cap, or stylish and smart with a shirt and waistcoat, and even braces to complete the look.
Whichever look you're going for, complete the outfit with a bib, hat or headband, and shoes to match.