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The First Steps of Motherhood - My Baby Expert is here to guide you at every step!

As all Mums around the world can testify, the incredible joys of motherhood can often be sprinkled with feelings of anxiety, bewilderment, and the sense of being totally overwhelmed.  For first time mums-to-be, the seemingly endless list of items needed to fill the nursery, which bra to buy for breast-feeding, and how to choose the best car seat or stroller for your exact needs, can be a source of genuine angst, to say nothing of the enormous expense you could potentially be faced with in your desire not to forget anything.  When you do your research online, read the pregnancy books from cover to cover, talk to friends and reach out to Facebook communities, the advice is endless and often contradictory, which only gives rise to more confusion and stress. 


It’s important to remember that every mother, every pregnancy and every child is unique, and motherhood is a very personal and intimate experience.  This is where Mothercare’s Personal Shopping Experts (PSE) can offer a lifeline.  With the ‘My Baby Expert’ service, our PSE’s are trained in all categories and in all stages of the pregnancy, birth and parenting lifecycle.  Just tell them exactly what are your needs and preferences, budget and concerns, and they will offer honest and objective recommendations on which products will be most suitable, and offer the right solutions for your specific case.



The prospect of taking care of a tiny, precious newborn baby, can be both exciting and unnerving in equal measure.  What can help enormously is the knowledge that you have everything you need, to minimise fear and maximise confidence and enjoyment.   Our PSE’s can assist and advise with everything from apparel; feeding and bathing essentials; toys for babies and toddlers; baby monitorscribs, cots and mattresses; transportation systems; car seats for all age groups and sizes and all other items to ensure the comfort and safety of your young family. 


There are three main areas where the PSE plays a vital role in assisting Mums – and Dads – at whichever stage of parenthood they are.


Giving the Right Advice at the Right Time

A PSE helps parents cut through the clutter of well-meaning advice from all the many sources referred to earlier, to simplify the process, put them at ease and help them to make the best choices.  Starting with maternity clothes, putting together the main nursery essentials, planning the perfect and most practical newborn wardrobe for the first three months, to the essentials that need to be packed in the overnight bag for the hospital birth and to take the baby home.   Everything can be reviewed in stages in order not to put too much strain on the brain or the bank balance!


Making Unbiased Product Recommendations

Shoppers have become accustomed to receiving targeted product recommendations directly on their smart phone or their doorstep, but sadly this isn't true if you are an expecting or new mum, meaning you probably feel a bit confused and lost.  


The personalised nature of our My Baby Expert service means that a PSE will be on hand to recommend specific options according to your unique set of circumstances.  Perhaps you are concerned on how to transition from breast-feeding to bottle feeding when you return to work – your PSE can explain the difference between the feeding bottles, and offer a specific type of nipple if your baby suffers from Colic.  If you like to take your baby out for long walks, you will be shown strollers with a comfortable recliner so that the baby can sleep or be raised up to enjoy looking at the surroundings. 


Perhaps you have already made some purchases and are looking for items to compliment these.  The PSE will present the most suitable options, according to their availability in stock among other factors.


Offering the Complete Solution

The bespoke ‘My Baby Expert’ service is the ultimate solution for parents when they need it the most. The knowledgeable assistance of an expert tailored to the individual needs of mums and babies can be significant in minimising their anxiety and distress.  With the aid of chatbots, mums can interact with PSE’s online, and for one-to-one personal assistance they can visit any Babyshop store.


Designed to nurture and develop the interaction between the PSE and the mothers, the ‘My Baby Expert’ service is regularly upgraded to meet the ever-changing needs of Babyshop customers and improve the overall customer experience.


Hear it from the experts themselves


  1. “In order to give mums the best advice tailored to their specific needs, I aim to be prepared for all possible questions that they may ask.  As a PSE, it is crucial to have considerable experience and advanced and up to date product knowledge, in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience” – Janet Perol


  1. “Connecting through the chatbot has been a great experience for me. I have had the opportunity to converse with mums who had not been satisfied with other services.  One customer was afraid to go outside due to the COVID-19 situation. I was able to assist her from the comfort of her home over the chatbot, which made her happy. I love being a part of ‘My Baby Expert’ because I feel really proud when I can help allay the fears of new and expectant mums.” – Yasmin Elmorsy Shokr


  1. “I have been assisting customers through the chatbot with the same passion as I do in store. There are so many enquiries that cannot be resolved by a quick internet search. I recently assisted a customer who did not know the size of a crib and mattress. I helped her understand the sizing chart so she could make an informed decision. Since I speak Arabic too, it becomes easier to communicate with Arabic speaking mums, making them feel more connected, understood comfortable. We are able to bond quite well over the chatbot.” – Shaimaa Saied Sallam


Please reach out to our Personal Shopping Experts in store or online today, where we are looking forward to assisting you and ensuring a stress-free experience.