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How to Choose the Right Car Seat For Your Child

Why do you need a safety seat especially for your child? Because it's an essential part of car safety. Child seats save lives. An adult seatbelt won’t protect your baby or young child in a car crash, but the right car seat can.



Buying and installing a car seat can seem overwhelming because of the very many choices available and the sheer variety of car seats can make you intimidated. You don't have to buy the most expensive safety seat. Instead, just need to consider four things:

  • Your baby's age
  • Your baby's weight 
  • Your baby’s height
  • Whether the car seat meets safety standards

Read more to get a quick overview about the 6 primary categories of car seats for your baby.


Infant (From birth up to 13kg)
These curved, rearward-facing infant car seats offer the best protection for young babies and are suitable until your tot is around 12 months. Lightweight, portable and with a safety harness and carry handle, you can remove your baby from the car without taking them out of their seat.


Convertible (From birth up to 18kg)
These are suitable from birth to around four years. Use the seat rearward-facing from birth to 9kg and then use forward-facing once your child can sit up unaided.


Forward-facing (From 9-18kg)
They are an ideal follow-on from an infant car seat and are optimized for protection. Most have multi-recline positions so your tot can sleep in comfort. The harness keeps your child safe and the seat is secured in the car by the adult seat belt.


High back booster with harness (From 9-36kg)
These are a great longer term investment. The integral harness is used until your child is 15kg or 18kg. At this stage it can be removed and the adult seat belt used instead.


High back booster without harness (From 18-36kg)
Suitable from around four until 12 years, the seat gives proper support and side-impact protection. Your child is raised up so that the adult seat belt fits more securely, safely and comfortably. The extra height also gives a better view, helping to relieve boredom and travel sickness.


Booster (From 18-36kg)
These lightweight, portable seats without back raise your child to adult seat belt level. Suitable from around four until 12 years, your child is assured a comfy ride thanks to the padded seat and armrests. Your child can look out more easily, helping to prevent travel sickness.


Still unsure what’s perfect for you & your child? Come in-store for a free car seat fitting demonstration with our expert advisors.