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How to spend the festive season with your kids

Mommies, not only are the festive season perfect for some productive family time & bonding, it is also a great way to teach your kids some valuable lessons on life & otherwise.


While it is great to spend the holidays on Christmas & New Year’s going sightseeing and spending it with gifts, candies and sumptuous meals in restaurants, this time can be utilized wisely to inculcate some responsible behaviour in kids. Wondering how? Read on to find out!

Christmas can prove to be a great way of teaching children to be well behaved! Telling them that Santa only visits good children is a good old trick, if you want, you can also just tell them the truth and let them know that you’ll treat them with the gifts they want for Christmas, if they finish the tasks they are handed over. Make this your own annual thing-to-do instead of relying on Santa, and this could go on for much longer when your little one actually stops believing in Santa.

Another thing that you can & should very wisely teach your children is to give. Usually, for a lot of kids, Christmas ends up becoming a time where they know they will get presents from their parents and other family members. But what they are not told are about the joys of giving. Buy them things they want, but also ask them to take out some of their favourites so those can be gifted to someone less fortunate. This way they learn the joy of not just receiving presents for being good, but also the much needed lesson of giving and sharing.

Get them involved. Holidays can be a great time to bond over cooking, making new crafts and decorating the house together. As kids grow older it is important they learn to value family time and draw a line between spending time with their parents & friends. If only you make it special for them from the beginning they will understand that some holidays are just for the family together.

Lastly, New Year’s resolutions do not only have to be for adults, kids can learn a lot from these resolutions too. Ask your little one to make his or her resolutions and keep it. You in turn, can gratify them for keeping their resolutions. A win – win for both!

Here’s a list of New Year resolution for kids. You can choose your own with your kid too.

  • Read for an hour, every day
  • Clean your room, every weekend
  • Don’t eat junk food, have candies once a week
  • Save energy
  • Listen to mommy & daddy
  • Help mommy when she asks you to

Do share how adopting any of these tips & tricks are working out for you, mommies!

Have a great holiday & a happy new year!