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Importance of choosing the right mattress for your baby

Preparing yourself for the arrival of your cute little angel definitely calls for a crib that houses a soft, comfortable mattress. It’s a sign and a reminder that someone special is about to share your home and be a part of your wonderful family. Choosing the right mattress for your kiddo can be a daunting task but it is very crucial.

A good mattress not only keeps your baby cosy and safe but it also helps in growing their bones. When choosing the most ideal mattress, you can consider the following:

1. Hygienic bliss: Welcoming your baby at home also makes way for impromptu spit up or vomit, soiling and plenty of drools, tears and perspiration. Keeping this in mind, always make sure you buy a liquid repellent mattress to curb absorption into the core. Mommies you could also look at picking up a mattress with a removable, washable outer cover.

2. Size matters: A mattress that is huge for the crib will create unnecessary issues and a suffocation hazard for your kiddo. Moms remember that the mattress must be no less than 3cm smaller than the internal dimensions of the crib in either direction to enable free hand and feet movements and avoid suffocation. When in doubt, weight can be a good indicator; a heavier foam mattress is denser than one that’s the same size but lighter.

3. Flat and firm: Mommies you may love cozying around in your soft bed but when it comes to your cutie make sure the mattress is firm as it plays a crucial role in supporting your baby’s body. Always remember moms, a flat and firm surface is the safest to curb the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The best pick is always a mattress that’ll seamlessly adapt to your kiddo’s needs and provide the best postural support. Here’s a trick that you can try to check the firmness: Press hard on the mattress right in the centre and at the edges. It should snap back readily and should not conform to the shape of your hand.

4. Bed enemies: The last thing you want hiding in your little angel’s mattress are dust mites. House dust mites and fungal spores are regular unavoidable visitors in any mattresses; however, utmost precaution is necessary. A removable mattress cover can do the trick for you but make sure you wash it frequently at 60 degree Celsius.

To further lend you a helping hand, we’ve listed down few things you can follow to keep the mattress clean and in turn your baby happier:

Rotate the mattress: At the launch of each new season, rotate your baby’s mattress so that what was once the foot is now the head. Further, the following season you can flip the mattress.

Use a mattress cover: Allowing your baby to sleep directly on the crib mattress will lead to quick aging. Moreover, diaper leaks and sharp nails can add to your parenting woes, so ensure you always cover the mattress for utmost safety.

Change the sheets regularly: Frequently changing the sheets will ensure that the odour and dirt does not build up and move onto the mattress. Lastly, always remember, time is of the essence, the quicker you act, the less the chance of the dust soaking into the mattress core and affecting your baby’s skin.

Mommies, follow these tips and we’re sure you’ll do a great job at picking the best mattress for your kiddo.