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Keep a baby journal to cherish special moments

“Time flies, but not memories” ~ IkaNatassa
Moms-to-be, you’re not only welcoming a baby into this world but you’re embracing someone who will come with a bag filled with lovely memories and joyous moments. Your little baby will brighten up your life overnight!
With a baby in your life, time will be a precious thing .You’ll be spending a lot of time with your baby and amidst all the parenting chaos, you’ll realise that the first few weeks and months passed by quickly and before you know it will be time to pack your baby’s bag for preschool.
Being a mom teaches you how to multitask like a pro, however, it gets really impossible to recollect all those initial moments that you experience with your little one. While certain events, such as first step and first word may be easy to recall, other ones such as first piece of clothing, first meal, first visitors may fade from memory.
Finding a way to capture all of your baby’s milestones can get difficult. Heave a sigh of relief and read below to know how you can capture all those cute memories.
We suggest maintaining a baby journal and writing down all the memories which you will cherish for a lifetime. When you think about keeping a diary, you usually think of it being a chore. But if you keep it as simple as possible, you’ll be encouraged to constantly write down all those lovely memories. You can try and make time to jot down memories in the mornings while having your cup of coffee or while your baby is taking a nap.
Create the journal with 12 pages each titled with ‘the first month’, ‘the second month’ and so on, each covering pictures and adventures of your motherhood experience. You can photograph your kiddo waking up, getting dressed, eating, a photo of homecoming and so on. Give an interesting twist to your journal by imprinting baby’s first hand and foot prints. Don’t worry about your handwriting or journal type; all you need to do is spend a few minutes defining special moments such as when your baby first smiled, rolled over, sat up alone etc. Add a dash of creativity by including a lot of pictures, ribbons and colourful stickers.
Reading these notes few years down the line will remind you of the small but meaningful details of your life with your precious one. You can also print all your notes into a physical copy and make your better half feel special by gifting it to him.
Tell us in the comments how you keep a track of all your baby moments.