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Let's decode baby talk

The first year with your kids will be a roller-coaster ride, but in the end it will all be worth it!
Your little munchkins will experience a flurry of changes and will communicate with their smiles, giggles, and their most common form of baby talk – crying.
Just like any other language, it will take you time to understand. In this blog we’re covering few pointers as to what your little ones crying might mean:
I am hungry: newborns tend to get hungry every two hours, so a feed may be essential to stop those teary eyes.
I need to be burped: if you fed your little one sometime ago and his/her body feels rigid. You can help them burp to stop them from crying at a high pitch.
I need a diaper change: your little baby will frequently need changing; this can be around 10 to 12 times a day.
I am tired: your little bundle of joy will need adequate sleep throughout the day. If they are tired and awake for a long time, they start crying.
I am too hot or cold: if your little one is uncomfortable in his/her outfit and is feeling a uneasy, they will start crying. A change of clothing or position can work wonders and stop those tears.
I need a cuddle: your little one loves your body warmth and loves to be cuddled, making them feel secure. A hug is the best cure in the whole wide worth, you and your baby will both feel fabulous.
I am not feeling well: if your little ones are down on health they mostly tend to cry. It’s time to check their body temperatures if none of the above measures have worked.
Lastly, if your little cutie continues to cry and you have any worries, you need to seek medical advice. As time passes by you will begin to anticipate their needs. Eventually, you’ll have a happy, smiling baby – and a bit more peace and quiet for you!