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A little EXTRA never hurts!

All work and no play make children’s lives dull and boring. We’re sure all the parents couldn’t agree with us more. Gone are the days when the only thing that parents wanted to see was an ‘A’ on their kid’s report card.

Both parents and teachers, these days, want kids to lead truly balanced lives. Hence, it’s important for kids to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, while not neglecting their books. Read on to find out how extra-curricular activities not only help children develop their skills and talent in various areas, but also equips them with the necessary skills to become better learners and better students


There is nothing more enjoyable than taking the two-wheeler for a spin. Not only do kids learn about commitment, teamwork, but also gain physical health and strength when they cycle. Research has shown that cycling also has a positive effect on the bone density and strength of children; it also strengthens their muscles and gives their immune system a boost. Most importantly, it gives children something to look forward to each evening other than their PlayStation.


There is no better way to pry the kids away from the idiot box than this water sport. Other than giving your kids’ muscles a real work out, this activity also teaches them a thing or two about time management. Since swim laps are measured in seconds, a couple of seconds of lag can turn victory into defeat. Now that’s an important lesson learnt outside the school classroom.

Arts and crafts

In the age of video games and computers, the art and crafts seem to be a lost cause. However, putting those nimble little fingers to work is also a terrific form of extra-curricular activity. It is a very constructive way to have kids express their thoughts and helps them learn how to make choices, as they will have to decide themselves what tools to use, how to decorate their crafts and how to use them once finished.

Playing music

There is nothing more relaxing than having the little ones strike the right chords. Not only does playing a musical instrument have an ample ‘feel good’ factor to it, but the activity also helps in strengthening hand-eye coordination in addition to enhancing the motor skills of the children.

All said and done, being an all-rounder is truly beneficial for all kids! Of course, while there are definitely many excellent benefits to extracurricular activities for your children, you need to put your foot down if they try to take these activities too far