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Putting baby to bed

Your baby’s sleep pattern can be described in one word – chaotic. Since we are used to sleeping for a straight stretch of 8 hours, getting used to a baby’s sleep pattern can be difficult. With the first few months of the eat, sleep and diaper change routine now behind you, you and your baby can now look forward to more peaceful times as they ease into a more normal pattern. Here are a few tips on how to take care of those small hiccups that you will encounter in trying to get your little one to bed:
When to start?
It is generally recommended to let babies sleep as and when they want till they have completed 6 months. Trying to establish a sleep routine before this time can make them stressed, leading to sleep problems further on in life. With time, your baby will fall into a routine and with your help will be able to understand the process of establishing a routine.
Bed time!
To enable your baby to get into a good night time sleeping pattern, it is necessary to create the right atmosphere. This includes creating a comfortable sleep environment which includes turning off the TV and dimming the lights. Bed time needs to follow calming activities like listening to soothing music, bath and massage, story time, nursing, rocking and cuddling.
What to eat – for mommy and baby!
Certain foods are known to over stimulate your baby and disrupt their sleeping pattern. Certain formulas are known to disrupt sleep cycle, so watch out for them. Also, when breastfeeding, remember to watch what you are eating as it may cross over into your breast milk. These foods include chocolate, caffeine, sugary snacks, artificial colourings and preservatives, foods high in protein such as meat and simple carbohydrates such as bread, rice and other cereals.
By following these simple steps your will be sleeping soundly through the night in no time, and so will you.
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