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School Prep up Without a Hiccup

Trrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggg……….trriiiiiinnnggg. Back to school marathons are a force to reckon with - so is the race against the clock.

Not to worry, we are here to help. Take a look at these ways in which you can prep up your kids for when they go back to school.

The Routine Scene

Straying away from a routine is one of the first things that kids do on a holiday.  Have your kids sleep and wake up at their school times, a few days before they start school.  Make them have their breakfast, lunch and dinner at designated school times.  This ought to save you the ordeal of making the kids eat on time once their actual school routine begins. 

Shopping for Academic Essentials

One must never underestimate the excitement of buying new supplies for the new school year. Be sure to treat your kids to a back to school shopping spree before they start their classes. This is sure to have them look forward to going back to school and show off their cool stuff to their classmates.

The creation of some personalized school supplies is bound to make them doubly excited at the prospect of showing it off!

Refresher Work

Put the last few days of vacation to some productive use.  Try incorporating a little school work in your child’s daily activity schedule. This can include a few Mental – Math’s exercises, practicing on cursive writing books or even maintaining a journal of what they’ve done throughout their vacation. Reading a couple of books or the newspaper might also come in handy for when they go back to school.

Prioritization of Socialization

Get the kids to reunite with their friends a few days before school starts. This will not only let them have a good time, but will also remind them of going back to their classes in a few days.  A Back-to-School party with some fruit crushes and barbecue doesn’t seem to be bad idea. Provided you don’t have to do the clean up, thereafter!

So mommies and daddies the countdown has begun. Gear up your studious little ones for getting back to school. The next you know the alarm clock will go into a ringing frenzy sitting right next to you!