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Sleep Like a Baby

It’s 2 a.m. Everything is quiet outside. Your eyes are heavy with sleep. You can barely keep them open. It's a battle you can’t sustain for long, but you have to fight no matter what. Why aren’t you allowing sleep to engulf you? Because your baby is up, and in spite of everything you’ve tried, your baby doesn’t look sleepy at all.  
Sounds familiar? It is said that babies = sleepless nights. How about we bust that myth and get your baby to sleep faster and better, so YOU can sleep peacefully too. 

Babies need about 14-17 hours of sleep in a day. They tend to wake up frequently, especially when they’re hungry. When they’re slightly older, their sleep cycle slowly becomes more regular. 


Co-sleeping. Good or bad? 

Parents might be tempted to bring their newborn into their bed, as it will be convenient to feed them whenever they’re up in the middle of the night. Called co-sleeping, it is not advisable to do so, until the baby is about a year old at least. It increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or may even lead to a deadly accident. 


Safe sleeping arrangements for babies 

Before we even think about great sleep, let’s make sure your baby is completely safe when asleep. We've got some amazing products that will keep baby secure, cosy, and yes, will help them sleep like a baby! 


  1. Welcome to the cool crib 

Whether sleeping in their parents’ room or their own, babies should be sleeping in their own bed, not sharing yours, as we mentioned before. Look for a sturdy crib, cradle, or bassinet. Don't put down your baby for a nap on the couch, because it’s less firm and doesn’t provide enough support. And make sure they sleep on their back, not on their side or stomach.  


Our Dream On Me convertible crib is super-comfortable, durable, and absolutely safe. It comes with storage space (the more the better, right?) and a changing table too. Don’t forget to shop for some cushy bedding too! Always take off extra cushions and toys before sleep time. They may look cute, but could suffocate the little one in their sleep.


Comfort has a new address, with our Giggles Jessica convertible baby crib. Its premium quality and finish are matched only by its bed-of-roses feeling (for your baby, of course). This one has storage space too and converts to a day-bed easily.


Our Juniors Magaret baby crib is a bestseller for a reason. Made of solid wood, it is built to last, makes sure your baby sleeps snugly, and the single-hand adjustable drop rail guarantees safety while making life easy for parents.     


  1. Just s-wing it 

Babies normally love it when they are being rocked back and forth. How long can you cradle the baby in your arms and do that? Bet you’ll get tired in some time! That's when a swing can come to your rescue. 


Joie’s baby swing gently swings the baby from front to back or side to side and even plays classic lullabies and nature sounds to soothe and entertain your little one. 


  1. Sssh! Listen 

Some parents prefer to let babies sleep in their own rooms, and regularly check on them at night to make sure everything’s okay. While this is a good practice, it could also leave you anxious and you might be waking up more often than needed. A baby monitor could help solve this problem for you. 

V-Tech's 2-way audio baby monitor is not just cute (shaped like a teddy), it also has preloaded lullabies, is easy to use, and travel-friendly, owing to its compact size. Baby makes one little sound, and you’ll know! 


  1. Dress for the night 

Babies need to feel relaxed and comfortable when they’re sleeping. As do adults, don’t they? Make sure they’re dressed in non-restrictive nightwear that is made of breathable fabrics. 


Disney’s Winnie the Pooh set is made of 100% cotton, has the most adorable print, and is just what baby needs at night to sleep restfully. 


  1. Swaddle up! 

Parents need to learn how to swaddle like pros. It’s a skill you can’t add to your resumé (maybe in 2040), but when swaddled the right way, newborns feel more secure, warm, and fall asleep faster and better. Just remember to stop swaddling once you think they may start rolling over.  

Haven’t gotten the hang of swaddling? Check out Love To Dream’s nest bag that swaddles your baby properly, so you don’t have to learn how to do it! It is soft and cosy, and lets baby sleep in a natural “arms up” position.  


Mothercare understands how important sleep is, for both parents and babies. That's why we bring you the best products to make sure that the entire family is well-rested and happy after a good night’s sleep. Take a look at our nursery essentials and bring home everything that you need. We offer free and fast delivery, along with free assembly on our furniture! 

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