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A Sleepy Baby Is A Happy Mum!

Your body needs sleep in the same way that it requires air, food and water. This time is when the body rests and restores its chemical balance, storing away your precious memories and creating new thoughts. Many new parents begin to experience lack of sleep before their baby has even arrived. That’s why it’s important to establish a consistent sleep routine right from the very beginning of your journey.


The Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ is designed to be used from birth, so that you and your baby get a great night’s sleep FROM DAY ONE™. 




So what is swaddling? Traditional swaddles have been around for as long as 4000 years. They typically comprise one piece of cloth, folded and tucked tightly around a baby’s body, with the child’s arms either across their chest or down at their side. The idea is to replicate the feeling of the womb; restricted, but comfortable, warm and soothing, like a big hug! 


Research found swaddling can increase a baby's total amount of sleep, and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) compared to unswaddled babies. And we all know that a soundly sleeping baby means a better rested mum.

Certified Sleep Consultant and Love To Dream Ambassador Julie Mallon has supported, encouraged and coached many tired parents


" There are a number of reasons to support parents to swaddle their baby. The primary reason being that your infant will sleep longer and more soundly. This is mainly due to limiting the startle reflex which is present in young babies. Your baby will also feel more safe and secure, resulting in more consolidated sleep. Research shows us that babies with colic also sleep better when swaddled, and so the the whole family rests better too. Safety with young babies is paramount and the swaddle eliminates extra items in the cot, keeping the environment and sleep space safe. Finally though - when swaddling - this is a reminder to place the baby on their b ack for safe sleep.”



The Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ is slightly different to a traditional swaddle, as it allows babies to sleep with their arms in the UP position beside their faces, so they can self-soothe by touching their cheeks and sucking on their hands, just like they did in the womb. This simply increases the quality and length of their sleep - win-win! 


The double zipper feature also means no coming undone in the night, and it’s much easier for you as a parent to change diapers with minimal sleep disruption. So consider packing some Newborn Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ swaddles in your hospital bag, so you're prepared FROM DAY ONE™.


Available at Mothercare stores and online.