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Tips to make your baby's nursery more interactive

Planning for your baby’s nursery can really get stressful, but these tips below will definitely guide and inspire you. Believe us, right from jotting down your thoughts to seeing the whole nursery come together is a mind-blowing feeling! Ready?
Decor: Your baby’s nursery room should be a ‘HAPPY’ place! Select a theme like animals, flowers, colours and more, and bring out your imagination and creativity. Pick furniture or small accessories for the nursery keeping in mind the overall theme.
Diaper Zone: A changing table is the most important aspect of any baby nursery. A soft, flat surface area is the right choice along with space below for drawers to store all the utilities like diapers, wipes, baby powder and more. You can also hang a colourful artwork on the wall to distract your baby during changing time.
Snooze Zone: The first thing you need to do is note down measurements of the space you’ve planned for the crib before visiting the store. The colours of the bedding, area rug and drapes can all be in sync to enhance the overall look of the nursery. Read here how to pick the right mattress for you little one.
Relaxing Zone: Allotting space for a comfortable chair is a good idea since you’ll be spending a lot of time rocking, feeding and caressing your baby in the nursery. You can also look at getting a chaise since it provides a comfortable area for you to rest once your little one has gone to sleep.
Toys Zone: You can consider putting in a comfortable, easy-to-clean rug on the floor. As months pass by, your baby would want to crawl and move around. So, put across a wide rug for you and your baby to have some fun, bonding time. Place a foldable basket to collect and arrange all the toys and books in one place.