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Ways to manage picky eating

Wondering how can you help your little one enjoy a range of food items?
We’ve listed down few tips that’ll help you put an end to your little one’s picky eating habits:
Try the rotation rule: Make sure you add a dash of curiosity in your meal plans. Surprise your kid with a different dish every day for sometime. Serving the same food two days in a row can make way for disinterest, forcing your little one to look for other interesting options.
Make food fun: Kids have delicate taste buds but serving them a bland diet will give them one more reason to not be a good eater. Spice things up, cut up foods in different shapes, and include a lot of colour, all of which make eating a fun experience.
Limit snacking and avoid junk: Bingeing on snacks all day long will kill your kid’s appetite and your little one will not be hungry during mealtimes. To avoid the ruckus, make sure you fill your home with healthy, nutritious food items that your little one can snack on.
Eat meals together: Kids who eat dinner with their parents tend to have healthier diets. This practice will also give you a chance to be a role model. You can cook and eat the kind of food you would want your little one to consume. Family mealtimes are a great way to connect with your child and share enjoyable and nourishing food together.
Dessert time: Kids love treats and sweet dishes are the best options to encourage them to follow your meal chart and not skip mealtimes. You can make healthy treats such as yogurt-and-fruit banana split, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and more.
Moms you can follow all of the above tips and unravel a smooth eating experience with your baby. Make sure you don’t force your little one to follow these tips but slowly you can try and incorporate them in your daily routine.
Lastly, mommies you don’t need to worry and stress yourself too much since your kid’s food horizon will expand with age and time.