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Workout tips for Moms

Being a mom is a full-time job and sometimes fitness can take a back seat.  Start this new year off by setting up a fitness schedule for yourself. Here are 5 ways you can incorporate exercise into your routine:

1.  Pre-plan your workouts

It is essential to treat your workouts as an important part of your daily routine – the more you prioritise them, the more likely you are to get them down. Set up a calendar with your workout routine and a healthy eating chart. When you have it in front of you, it won’t seem so hard to follow.

2. Workout around the house 

If you have a newborn or a child which doesn’t give you the privilege of going to the gym every day, then start working out at home. Try simple exercises at home – the options are endless. You can use workout DVDs, at-home yoga and weights; even housework can be a great workout.

3. Make sure you are eating right 

It might be difficult to maintain a healthy, balanced diet while taking care of your little one but it is vital to your and your family’s fitness. Lots of greens, fruits and lean meats are your friend. And remember – you are leading by example. If you eat healthy your children will follow suit.

4. Get your kids involved 

Involve your little one in your workout. Align your workout time with your baby’s playtime. There are many exercises that your children can join in on, some of which can actually help your child enhance their hand eye coordination and other motor skills.

Exercising with baby - courtesy womansday

5. De-stress 

Stress is one of the biggest hurdles to losing weight and increasing your fitness levels. In order to get maximum results from your workout routine, make sure you de-stress whether that be by getting more sleep, doing yoga or just taking a few minutes a day to yourself.