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Eat out? Let's not!

Eating out has now become the norm rather than the exception. With most parents working and kids away at school, everyone ends up eating out. Even when everyone is together and hungry, families still end up ordering in or eating out since it is so very convenient.
No cooking, no cleaning, no waiting!
let s eat out let s not kids eating
The problem is that eating out is very bad for your kids. Although the food is cooked hygienically (in most places), the food is far from healthy. Burgers, chips, pizzas and ice cream are fattening foods and can lead to childhood obesity.
If you do not monitor your children’s diet they could end up with health complications such as hypertension and diabetes. The foods that your kids love are what cause them the most damage. Fast foods contain high levels of sugar, sodium and saturated fats. They also make your children prone to conditions like asthma and eczema. A few restaurant-cooked meals a week can cause major health problems for your little one.
In order to ensure that your little ones make the right food choices teach them basic food hygiene. Serve them fresh food and plenty of fruits. Pack them a lunch from home instead of giving them money to buy lunch at the school cafeteria.
school cafeteria
Try and keep eating out to a minimum of once a month. Fast food should be a rare treat reserved for special occasions, like birthdays. Make it a point to have at least one meal a day together, as a family. Say no to colas, juices and milkshakes. Say yes to plenty of water. Instead of chips and cookies let your kids snack on fresh and dry fruits. Plan the week ahead and make a variety of dishes that can be refrigerated and easily reheated.
Always remember that children learn best from the examples set by their parents. If your child observes you making healthy food decisions then they are likely to follow. Habits acquired during childhood go on to last a lifetime.