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Go Green

Gone are the days when the ideal way of spending a holiday was visiting the park. When the sight of a lush garden or a new book rather than a growing stack of new video games would make the kids squeal with delight.

As parents, you want to instill the idea of a greener tomorrow in your kids. Let us tell you of the few ways that would get your kids’ green thumb out and about.

Start at Home

Like they say, it all starts at home! One of the first steps of having your children go green is by teaching them to conserve energy at home. You must   remind them to turn off the computer, the television and other electrical devices the second they’re done using them. You can even create your own little stickers like the ones below around the switches to remind them.

This will ‘switch’ them into being green citizens in a jiffy!

Grow up…a Garden!

Get your kids to grow a garden in your backyard or even in small little pots in your balcony.  Ask them about their favourite vegetables, get them down to earth, have them feel the dirt in their hands and grow the food that they eat off their plates.  

It’s a great and fun way to make your kids realise where exactly their food comes from.

Biker Kids

It’s high-time your kids got on to their bikes to get eco-friendly. Persuade your children to spin their two-wheelers to the nearest grocery store instead of using cars and make sure they take some jute bags with them to bring back their purchases.

This activity will get them into a long term habit of avoiding the car when not necessary and is a great way of pushing in some physical activity into their daily routine.

Get crafty!

Accumulate all those old cereal boxes, colourful grocery bags and old stickers and watch those nimble little fingers create magazine organizers and other fun stuff out of them.  Kids love painting, colouring and adding glitter and other crafty decorations to their creations.

There cannot be a better way of teaching your kids about the importance of recycling and waste reduction and it’s a cool way for you to bond with your kids as well.

Go ahead and give the green signal to your kids with these eco-friendly ideas we’ve unearthed for a better tomorrow. After all, the future is in their hands now.