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Halloween costumes for your little ones

It’s that time of the year when little monsters, angels and superheroes go door-to-door trick or treating. However with every Halloween arises one of the most difficult questions in every mom’s mind, “What will I dress up my kid as, this year?” Like always we’ve got your back. Here are a few Halloween costume ideas that are simple, fun , inexpensive and can be done in a jiffy.

Superhero kid

Every kid dreams of being a superhero! Well you can make a part of their dream come true, this Halloween. Dress you little one as a superhero in a jiffy with a bath towel, some duct tape and adhesive felt sheet. Just cut out the letter of your little one’s name from the felt and stick it on his/her t-shirt. Simply tape the towel around the shoulders on the t-shirt to make an awesome cape.

Halloween kids

Movie Director

Dress your kid up for the real Halloween action! Just grab a pair of simple black pant, a cardigan, a bow tie and a beret and you can turn your little wonder into a Movie Director. Complete the look with the essential clapboard and megaphone which you can make from a toilet roll or unwanted piece of cardboard.

Kid dressed as a Movie Director

Mad Scientist

You can’t build a secret lab but you can definitely dress him/her up as a little mad scientist! Basic khakis, plaid shirt and bow tie. Finish the look up with huge goggles and a long lab coat.

Girl scientist

The explorer

Bring out the little Indian Jones in your kid with a pair of khaki shorts, white tee, and sneakers. Borrow your husband’s old fishing jacket or khaki shirt and hat to complete the look. Unique and different, this look will definitely help your kid earn extra treats.

Young explorer

What are you dressing up your little one as, this Halloween? Share your ideas for some simple, easy and fun Halloween costumes in the comment box.