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Hop on Board

Playing board games with your children is an easy and excellent way to spend quality and enjoyable time together as a family. Add to the fact that board games help build and sharpen your kids’ learning skills.

Below are a few board games which will help your child think better, understand better and mix with others better, all while having fun!


Games like chess tend to turn kids into strategic thinkers as they encourage them to think ahead and make futuristic decisions. One has to think from as many perspectives and angles in order to succeed in this game thus helping in the overall development of the brain. On a whole, playing chess helps in transforming a child into a responsible, disciplined, and confident human being.

Snakes and Ladders:

This simple, easy-to-understand board game can help your little ones improve their counting skills, calculating skills and also sharpens their minds. This game is perfect for helping your kids develop patience and also to make them understand the concept of turn-taking.


Aside from teaching your children about winning and losing, Scrabble teaches your kids to spell, helps improve their vocabulary and also sharpens their math! If your children are old enough to do multiplication, encourage them to keep score. Adding up all the letters and multiplying for triple word scores or double letter scores will definitely improve their arithmetic!


This game works on the principles of economics and determines victory on the basis of how much profit or loss a particular player makes. This interesting board game helps your kids in sharpening a multitude of skills such as addition by having them add the dice together to see how far they have moved on the board and the game, teaches them how to add money and also enhances their reading skills when they encounter the Chance and Community chest cards.

Guess who?:

This is a classic which is so much fun that your children will never be aware that they are learning while enjoying. This board game helps improve grammar and syntax skills by asking questions. Because the game does not have any small pieces or markers and each player has their own board, the game can be played almost anywhere, on an airplane, in a car, on a table, on the floor, outside, or even over the telephone.

Board games make learning exciting for children while helping them develop cognitive and motor skills. So, start dedicating at least one night a week to a family games’ night to encourage interactive conversation, laughter, learning and a whole lot of fun!