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How to manage illness & injuries of your child?


Mommies, it’s only natural that you’d want to rush to the emergency room or the family doctor the moment your child gets sick or injured. Taking care of your sick or injured child is a daunting experience, and sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide whether visiting a doctor is necessary or not.

 We understand that you have your reasons to worry. You may be scared that an injury or illness could affect your little one’s immunity, strength and health; that it could be a traumatic experience for him or her and lead to a lifelong disability.

Instead of panicking, it is important that you ensure your child is strong enough to recuperate from his or her injuries and illnesses not only physically but mentally too.




  • First and foremost, maintain a small diary or database of emergency contact numbers – doctors, specialists, hospitals in the vicinity, family member who can be available during emergencies etc.
  • Keep a well-maintained first aid kit handy. If needed, take a first aid course.
  • For minor injuries and illnesses, home remedies can do wonder, though, always make it a point to consult a professional health care provider.
  • Understand his or her body’s reaction to certain weather changes or allergies from a certain kind of food. It helps you stay proactive in the future.

Last but not least, encourage your little ones to open up to you and clearly express themselves when they are hurt or injured.  Build a close relationship with your child during such difficult times and ensure you are always supportive. If need be, take help from a child psychologist.