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Keeping Kids Safe In The Kitchen

Mommies, can’t keep the little one out of your kitchen? Well, who can blame them? Kitchens are quite a comforting place. Whether it is the fragrance of delicious food or the curiosity of what’s going on in the vast place filled with utensils, kitchens have always been one of children’s favourite play areas.
So how do you avoid worrying and ensure that you keep your children safe when they are old enough to run around the house? Read on to know:

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It goes without saying that you have got o be careful about where you keep the sharp and hazardous objects. If your kid is 10 years or less, ensure you put those knives and matches in an area where they can’t reach it.
Around electrical appliances, ensure you keep a close watch on them at all times. Children tend to easily get tempted to put their fingers into fast moving beaters, blades and even mixers or blenders.
When they are around stay away from stove or oven. Children often tend to imitate their parents. And, if you switch on or switch off the gas/oven in front of them, rest assured they’d try to follow suit, especially when you are not around. Make sure you set clear guidelines for your children so they know what they are and aren’t allowed to touch in the kitchen.
You’d never understand why, but hazard seem really appealing to children. Whether it is carrying a hot plate of food, or just a pot of boiling water, as they grow older they tend to try and take more risks in the kitchen. Ensure you let your kids know at a very early stage that this is not okay.
shutterstock_221855197 (2)Here are some additional tips that might come in handy:
1. Tie their hair up and roll sleeves, make sure they are not wearing anything lose, also, get them an apron
2. Dry their hands well. Wet hands can be slippery
3. Keep cabinet doors and drawers closed so they won’t bump into them or spill anything over
4. Give them oven mitts that fits their hands well, if you are planning to cook together, or they are helping you out
5. Keep electrical cords away from the stove top, oven and sink
6. Don’t put knives or other sharp objects in a sink full of water when kids are around, they could reach in and get hurt
And to say the least, try keeping them out of the kitchen for as long as they have developed enough motor skills to be able to hold things well, or, are mentally and physically ready to enter kitchen areas without spilling anything over. If they are curious to learn how you work your magic in the kitchen, get them to sit at a distance and observe or just give them a plastic knife to hold so they feel like a part of the entire charade.