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From a kid to a teenager: how to handle it

Being a mother, you must remember how you had to wake up in the middle of the night to your baby’s incessant crying,feed your baby at the wee hours of the morning, fend for your child’s occasional tantrums and nagging, and all the hassle and fun when it was time for them to go back to school again.
But hello teen years, goodbye easy parenting! Your child is no longer a kid, but a teenager: The problem is, it all happens so fast that we don’t even realize it. For many parents, your boy or girl is still a baby, and we end up treating them like one well into their teens.
When your kid suddenly seem to have hit his teen years, and when you are still not ready to cope with the fact, we have one simply, insightful advice for you, that will help you in the long run.
Simply, Be Their Friend!
Most adults stereotype teenagers to be tough to handle, rebellious and over smart, when they are actually quite thoughtful, energetic and idealistic in their early teen years. And, this can be the ideal time to sculpt them into fine adults.  This is a turning point in your child’s life and they go through some intense mental, physical and spiritual developments. A lot of what they become later in their lives is being determined right now.
So remember, it’s a time when you have to be your child’s friend and mentor. Things might get rough, you might face resistance and conflicts, but hey, who said parenting was easy?
So just be there for them. Motivate. Support. Lend a shoulder.