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On Raising Healthy Eaters

Let’s admit it; we all have our whims & wishes when it comes to eating or not eating certain foods. We are not all holistically healthy eaters but we try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. And, we try and do the same for our kids. Only problem though, kids don’t realize the importance of eating healthy and mommies often end up getting into the daily routine of tantrums & bribes to get their kiddos to eat healthy.

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No more fretting or dreading this phase anymore, mommies. We’ve got some really amazing tips on how you can ensure you raise healthy eaters who eat with minimal tantrums and get a diet full of nutrition to nourish healthy, strong bodies and smarter brains.

Start early by making healthy eating a learning game by taking your kids grocery shopping where you can teach them about healthy food in conversations. You can also try chart games with them so they learn to differentiate between dairy products, green vegetable nutrition and benefits of fruits.

Build an eating strategy in which you can decide the “what, when and where” of feeding and your little one can decide “whether” and “how much” they’ll eat. This way they will feel they have a say in what they eat and how much and won’t feel forced to eat anything they don’t want to.

Make sure the entire family eats together and always eats the same meal. No different or short order food for kids just because they throw a tantrum. Be patient with them and get them ready slowly but steadily to eat whatever everyone else is eating too.

For them to catch on, you first need to be a healthy role model too. Try new foods, make healthy choices, drink milk and eat a variety of foods from all food groups.

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Lastly, let your children feel they have a choice. Expose them to new, healthy foods all the time. Pair a new food with a favourite, and give them choices between two healthy options. For example – you can give them carrots or celery sticks with a yogurt based dip. Remember, if you want your little ones to eat healthy, you’ve first got to involve them in the planning and preparation of certain healthy meals, as they will feel it was all their choice at the first place