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Solving the Homework Dilemma

For kids the word “homework” means terror. To them it signifies the ruining of yet another evening hovering over their books, which they would have ideally liked to spend watching TV and playing with their buddies.

The very idea of coming back home loaded with schoolwork takes away all the excitement of starting a new school year. But not to worry, we’ve come up with a few tricks that will not make your children dread homework the way they dread monsters. Check them out and do tell us which one works best with your child.

1.     Start early:

This is the very first step towards making sure that homework does not seem like a heavyweight burden on your kids. Have them start their projects as early as possible. Try and breakdown their assignments into smaller chunks, have them complete a small chunk every day and you’ll be happy to see their project get over much before time.

2.     Practical examples:

Connecting homework with the real world helps children understand and work on it better. A history assignment can be done in a matter of minutes after a visit to the museum. Also, making some alphabet soup before you sit down to teach your tiny tots some letters is an extremely fun and useful exercise.

3.     Learning a game

Irrespective of what the subject might be, try turning it into a game of the sorts. For instance, give your child’s mathematics problems of addition and subtraction a visual twist by having your little one add and subtract using his/her favourite candy like M&M or even skittles. You can later reward your little one with the same candy finishing the assignment successfully.

4.     No shouting:

There’s no reason for you as parents to get strict with your children as far as homework is concerned. Shouting and yelling will put off your kids completely and will make them hate schoolwork all the more. So don’t get tough with them all the time. Sweet talk, cajole, convince and encourage your little ones to get done with their assignments on time and put an official end to the so called “homework wars”!