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Tips to keep your kids refreshed in summers

Yup, it’s summer!
As the mercury level rises, you need to take special care of your little one’s being, be it exercising, eating healthy or even resting. It’s that time of the year when you need to keep a close eye on their health and hydration.
Sip: The best way to keep your little munchkins hydrated is to get them used to drinking water regularly. If your kids are going to have a long day at school or spend time outdoors, make sure you include liquids in their first meal to give them that quick burst of energy first thing in the morning.
Slurp: Popsicles are a great way to stay cool and beat the summer heat. You can plan your weekends making popsicles with your little ones. You can grab some coconut water, which comes packed with dehydration-fighting capabilities, pour it over pineapple pieces in an ice tray and 30 minutes later enjoy some awesome frozen treats with your kids.
Fruity Fun: Give your kids the chance to choose from a range of fruits that are considered to be excellent sources of water. You can swap fruit juices with fresh summer fruits to cut down the artificial sugar content. Fruits like watermelon will keep your little ones fresh and serve as a great nutritious snack after playtime.
Veggies: Always make a conscious effort to include high water content foods in your summer meal plans. One good way to get liquid into the diet along with good nutrition is by chopping few vegetables to make some warm, healthy clear soup.
Summer Style: Always make sure your little ones step out of the house with some sunscreen and carry a hat and sunglasses along. These will not only safeguard their skin from the harmful UV rays but also protect their eyes.
Pool Time: Summers are incomplete without some splashy fun! But you need to make sure splash safety. Don’t leave your kids unattended when they are in the pool and train them to not jump into the pool if you’re not around.
Lastly mommies, you will not always be around to ensure your kids are following their hydration checklist. So just spend 10 minutes and tell your little one the importance of consuming liquids regularly and keeping the body sound during summers.