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Top storytelling tips & tricks

Storytelling is a special tradition which every parent would love to master!
So how do we ensure that our little listeners have a great experience? Spice up the entire practice and create a world to which only you and your little ones have the key!
Here are some simple tricks to help you out:
Start in action: Begin the story with utmost excitement to grab your little one’s attention at once. To keep your little listeners hooked try to enact the lines and narrate each sentence dramatically.
Keep it simple: Your book selection plays a very important role. Select books that are easy to understand. Your little ones should be able to relate with the characters.
Make your kid the star: To entice your kids, try and include them in the story. You could replace one of the character’s names with your little one’s name. You can also let your kids be in charge of some sound effects like door bell ringing, birds chirping etc.
Colour the details: To inspire your kids’ visual imagination, paint a vivid verbal picture. For example: it’s more fun to hear “she cuddled her cute teddy before she fell asleep” than “she fell asleep”.
Fun experience: Storytelling is a great way to spark your kids’ imagination and teach them simple life lessons in an interesting way. To give them visual references, let them draw their favourite characters or you could also stick colourful posters on the wall.
Vacation time: Vacations are wonderful opportunities for family storytelling. Always make time for storytelling during vacations. Away from the distractions of work, school, and some of your electronic devices, days are longer and bedtimes can be pushed later.
Above all make sure that reading to your kid is a pleasant and valuable time for both of you. Forget all the stress and spend quality time with your little ones!
Which book will you read to your little ones today? Tell us in the comments.