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Top tips for car journeys with your little one

Taking your cuties on long car journeys can be a challenging task, but we’ve put together some really useful tips to help you avoid the tears, the moans and the “how long will it take to reach mom?” questions…
Come prepared: Make a list of all the things you’ll need throughout the journey and avoid any delays, by packing the night before. Also, make sure your little one always has something to munch when hungry and sip when thirsty. 
Click-a-thon: Keep your kids entertained. Talk about different things you see on the way and let them take pictures of all the interesting things they’ll spot during the drive. 
Map your journey: Give your kids the trip map and make it fun by giving them treats when you reach checkpoints along your drive. 
Messy fun: Whether you like it or not, travelling with kids always makes way for mess. Before stepping in, cover your seats with a sheet. You can let your kids have all the fun and once you reach the destination all you have to do is unhook the car seats, shake the sheet out and voila you have a clean car again!
Breaks: When you are planning a road trip with your little ones, you need to always remember that your kids may get restless and would need time to relax and get set to hit the road again. While planning your trip, you can decide in advance to halt at some comfortable spots. 
On-the-go games: Make paper bag puppets and give your kids crayons to decorate and create their own puppet avatar. You can also carry sticky sticks/clay, board games, puzzles, activity books, alphabet games etc. to keep your kids entertained.
Safety: Make sure the car seat is securely fitted and the rear child locks on the door are on. Also ensure your baby is using a car seat suitable to his or her weight. 
Have any other travel tips? Share them with us in the comments below.