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What are you gifting the kids for Eid?

One day before Eid

You’ve given your little girl a beautiful new dress. Her face lights up when she sees it and gives you a tight hug.




Who do you think is happier of the two? The girl, because she will get to look like a doll for Eid, or you, because her joy fills your heart with unimaginable delight. Guess we’ll never know!

Either way, it’s time to start prepping for Eid. Surprise your kids with the loveliest of clothing to celebrate the end of the holy month or get them toys that they will cherish for a long time to come. Don't leave your shopping for the last minute, for you may forget something in the rush. Make a list and get going!


Whether shopping for your own or gifting someone’s baby, bodysuits are the perfect choice. They’re cute and cosy, easy to put on and take off, and even come in multi-pack sets; the baby can sport several looks for Eid! A plush swaddle blanket would make for a great pressie too.

For the slightly older ones, consider dresses, skirts, tops, tees, jeans, shorts, and lots of other options that’ll add a sparkle to their glorious celebrations.

Gift sets

Not sure what to gift a baby? How about getting an adorable gift set? We have some excellent ones that contain bodysuits with matching booties, mittens, hats, bibs, or even tees and pants. Best thing is that they’re unisex, so you can pick whatever colour or pattern you want. The parents can mix and match and create lots of different looks for the baby during Eid.




What kid would say no to a toy! And if the box says “for ages 3 and upwards”, it means a 30-year-old man is qualified to play with it, right? Make your kid’s Eid even more spectacular with a toy of their choice. We have loads of them by popular brands, for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Choose from outdoor toys, like scooters, sand and pool toys, bikes, & more. There are also cute dolls & plushies, play gyms, puzzles & board games, action figures, and tons of other indoor toys. Just as age is no bar, make sure that gender isn’t either; if your girl wants a toy car, indulge her, and if your boy loves dolls, get him the best one.





While people usually gift clothes or toys on Eid, you can take the road less travelled. How about a teething or grooming set? Imagine how precious your 2-year-old will look when they’re combing their own hair. Just make sure your phone has enough space to make videos all day long!

If you're shopping for a little girl, pretty hair accessories in eye-catching colours would give her a pleasant surprise. There are also smart sunglasses for boys and girls, so they can get their groove on.


You can even consider a BPA-free dinner set with arresting patterns. Perhaps add a couple of bibs and washcloths too. What new parent doesn’t need those!

Now don’t just wishlist, move your favourites to the cart and shop for all the little charmers you know.

We wish you the best, this Eid, and forever. Create unforgettable memories with your family and friends, share a meal, laugh with your eyes closed, engage in animated conversations, and soak in the love all around you. #CelebrateTogether