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A Yummy Iftar - Date And Almond Milkshake Recipe!

Make Ramadan 2016 a nutritious, yet delicious one for yourself and your little one with our special Date and Almond Milkshake recipe for your Iftar menu. This way your little ones can participate in breaking the fast with you!

What you’ll need: 

•    10-12 soft dates, pitted and chopped
•    6-8 almonds, peeled 
•    1/4 cup hot milk
•    1 3/4 cups cold milk

How to make the yummiest milkshake in just three steps!

First, soak the peeled almonds and dates in hot milk for 30 minutes. Next, puree the almonds, dates with the milk in a blender. Last, add the cold milk and blitz until properly combined and smoothed. 
Serve a glass for yourself and your baby!

The Ramadan fast is traditionally broken with dates and milk. This recipe combines them both! 

Did you know that dates offer good health and are packed with a plethora of nutrients? By introducing dates in your baby’s diet you can ensure your baby gets the nourishment they need for healthy development. Some of the nutritional benefits of dates for toddlers are:
•    Protects the liver and stomach
•    Excellent laxative and prevents constipation
•    Rich in iron
•    High in calcium and magnesium which help develop healthy bones in growing children 
•    Protects developing teeth & improves overall dental health
•    Gives instant energy

You can add lots of variety to this smoothie by adding bananas, walnuts, some chocolate or even vanilla ice cream. Once you’ve experimented, don’t forget to tell us your favourite blend in the comments below!