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Babyshop celebrates one million moms on Facebook

Today, we have a big reason to celebrate as over one million moms are now a part of the Babyshop family on Facebook! Amidst all the celebrations, we want to let you know a little bit about our special journey!

Moms across the globe have one thing in common – they love talking about their babies and want to give them the best. Babyshop made a mark in the offline space, offering moms everything that they wanted for their baby all under one roof. As moms now-a-days interact and look for best parenting solutions across digital platforms, we’ve extended our brand personality of being your trustworthy companion online as well. Motherhood is a tough phase and we wanted to lend a helping hand and make it as comfortable as possible for you. We wanted to be the answer for all your questions online and give you the best advice during your parenting journey.

With our efforts over the years, today you see Babyshop as a virtual moderator, guide and an advisor. As it is rightly said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Today we have so many moms connecting with us every single day and we’re happy to make your motherhood experience easier. We love listening to your stories and all those endearing moments you share with us brighten up our day.

We’ve crossed the one million mark on Facebook and you’ve been a major part of this big milestone. We started off in Bahrain way back in 1973 and today we have touched the lives of a million moms and babies who trust and count on us. We want to thank you for making this journey wonderful and for trusting us always. Here are some of the adorable moments that you’ve shared with us.