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Fun baby shower games

Celebrating the arrival of your little one with friends and family is a moment that all moms-to-be wait for. Yes, we’re talking about the most-awaited baby shower party!
Plan some fun games to get people talking and ensure they have a gala time at your baby shower party. Wondering which games to play? We’ve made things simpler for you; have a look at these fun options below:
Who’s that Baby: Browse through old family photo albums or ask guests beforehand to give you their baby picture. You can pin up all the photos and ask people to guess which picture belongs to who.
Chug the Bottle: Fill baby bottles with milk and have your guests race to see who can chug the fastest. This is a fun activity and for fun, you can join your guests too.
Diaper King: Place few dolls and diaper packets on a table. Call all the dads to participate and put the timer on to see who can put the diaper on in the shortest time. Make it a fun experience by crowning the fastest nappy changer.
Parent Trap: When you become a parent, you get to relive your childhood all over again. You can write down few funny, embarrassing childhood moments and drop them in a box. At the party pick the notes from the box and have guests determine which story is true for mom or dad.
Baby Checklist: This is a nice memory game. You can place different baby items on a table and allow your guests to view all the items for one minute. Once it’s time up, cover the items with a cloth and give guests a paper to jot down all the products they can remember.
Lastly, you can pass around a blank book and ask your guests to write their best parenting advice. This book will make a sweet memento for you.
So moms-to-be, which game will you organize at your baby shower? Tell us in the comments below.