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Hands off the sugar!

The odds for winning the lottery are much better than the odds for finding a child who doesn’t like sweets. It’s not like they can help it!
Hands off the sugar
So how do you get your little munchkin not to munch on the chocolates and cookies all the time?
First you have to make sweet things a rare treat for your child rather than a regular snack. Once in a blue moon chocolates and cookies are fine but every day is asking for trouble. You can teach your little ones to substitute cookies and chips with fruits. This substitution keeps them healthy and ensures that their teeth stay pearly white.
With the television marketing junk food and colas to your little ones all the time, they are bound to ask for a taste. Remember that most of these products contain sugar much in excess of their daily requirement. In this case it is advised to consume in moderation. Allow the occasional fast food and soft drink but remember under no circumstances should you purchase and stock these items at home.
When serving dessert ensure that your range of desserts served are not all sugar- loaded like ice creams but encompasses more wholesome desserts like fruits or flavoured yogurts. A bowl of strawberries with fresh cream can also serve as dessert.
Do not make sweets a reward for completing tasks such as finishing dinner or cleaning their room. This may also lead to them gorging on dinner just to get to dessert and then gorging on dessert too. An association is formed in their minds between completing tasks and sweets. This may make them learn to reward themselves with sweets for accomplishing tasks.
With these simple tricks you can keep our little ones off sweets and help them live a healthy life. Do you have some tricks that you use at home? Comment and tell us below.