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This Mother's Day, take a day off

Before we begin, we want you to close your eyes and imagine what you would do if for a day your kids were with their dad or grandma..
We’re sure you imagined all the simple joys that you’ve not explored ever since you became a mother. It’s time you take a day off for yourself and revel in the goodness of small, little things you love. Yes! One day with uninterrupted hours during which you can do things you have wanted to do since so longggg…
We know countless reasons will discourage you from taking a day off and you may feel the entire house will turn upside down in your absence, but some ‘me-time’ is important to keep you charged. So here are some things you can do on your day off:
  • Sleep in: Yes, you read it right. It’s OK to sleep longer on Mother’s Day! Turn off the alarm and enjoy extra sleep time.
  • Go for a spa: A day at the spa is a great thing you can opt for. You can rejuvenate your body and enjoy a day of bliss to deviate your mind from all the household worries.
  • Host a movie-thon: When was the last time you went for a movie? This Mother’s Day, pick your favourite DVD and call your friends over for some movie time. Make sure you stock on some cosy blankets and popcorn tubs to add on to the entire experience.
  • Date night: Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let your husband make you feel extra special. Go for a date, reconnect and make some beautiful memories that you can share with your little ones few years down the line. Before stepping out make sure you hire a trust-worthy babysitter.
  • Throw a theme party: This is a great way to get along with your girl friends and have a gala time this Mother’s Day. You can get creative with the theme for the night and put together outfits and food dishes that fit the theme.
  • ‘Never have I ever’ game: This is an awesome way to take turns and do simple things that none of your friends have ever done before. If one of your friends has never tried Japanese food, go try it out! If any of you have never taken a day off and gone for sightseeing in an open bus, do it this Mother’s Day.

  • Take a class:How about learning something new this Mother’s Day? You can go for a Salsa class or baking class, anything that you would love to learn. You can also do something more adventurous and go for a ski class or kick-boxing.
  • Makeover:This Mother’s Day, step in a salon and come out looking fabulous with an all-new haircut. Bring in your gang of girls together and go shopping for a new outfit, try out something new and trendy. This is a nice way to get pampered, get some lovely beauty treatments and enjoy girly conversations.
Take the day off this Mother’s Day, you deserve it mommies!
So, what are your plans for Mother’s Day?