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2016 resolutions for your little one

It’s that time of the year when you can help make bad, good and good better! It is the best time to talk about things that need improvement in the coming year.
2016 resolutions for your little one babyshop
Before we start with the resolutions, it is important for you to sit with your little one and introduce them to the concept of New Year resolutions. You can try telling them your own resolutions for the year and how you look forward to fulfilling them.
Here are some resolutions you can look at for a happy and healthy year:
Be organized
Your child can learn to be organized with notes, studies and playtime. Once the clutter is simplified, homework and studying will be more fun and less chaotic.
Break a bad habit
You must have observed some  bad habits in your little one’s daily routine which need to be stopped altogether, like biting nails, shaking legs while talking, poor posture etc. You can tell your child to pick one habit he/she would want to say goodbye to in 2016.
Move around
Exercising and staying active is very important for a healthy heart and brain. Teach them the importance of leading an active lifestyle and get them involved in various outdoor activities. Motivate them to take up a sport at school or plan a daily walk together or a fun game to help them enjoy some physical activities.
Take up a Hobby: Developing an interesting hobby is an important aspect of life. Teach your child to cultivate their interests with the same dedication that they are expected to show for their studies. Be it sports, music or anything creative – teach them to give it their best.
So mommies, which of these will be your little one’s resolution for the New Year 2016?
Tell us in the comments below.