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5 ways to keep your little one safe during outdoor playtime

The end of the cool winter season definitely calls for some time out and fun outdoor activities with your little one. Doing outdoor activities not only gives your kid a Vitamin D boost but also a reason to step out in the fresh air, make new friends and play.




However, playing outdoors also comes with a bag filled with risks and hazards. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry since you can follow these tips to ensure your little bundle of joy is safe:

  1. Never leave your little one unattended: Always ensure you’re there with your kids during playtime. Give them space to play and mingle around with the other kids but keep a close eye on them from a distance to avoid accidents.
  2. Create a safe environment: Toys left around on the ground will only make way for unnecessary tripping and falling. Carry a bag to keep your child’s toys back when they’re not in use to give them more open space to run and play freely.
  3. Watch out for sharp corners and edges: You need to make sure that the play area is childproof. Look out for sharp edges and chipped metal pieces on various toys; make sure you keep your little one away from such objects to shield her from some serious injuries.
  4. Playground surface: Keep in mind that playground surface should be soft enough to protect your little one in case they fall down. The play area should be free of hard objects like stones, tree stumps, debris etc. that could cause kids to trip and fall.
  5. Gear them up: Playing on skates, scooters and bikes can be a lot of fun and helps your little one to develop motor skills and self-confidence. However, do make sure they wear helmets and knee/elbow guards when they step out to do these activities. Also, ensure that they play only in the safe areas and not on the roads.