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6 Completely Cute Ideas for your Maternity Photo Shoot

Taking photos of your maternity journey from start to finish can be one of the most fun ways to cherish your pregnancy and your growing baby bump. You’ll always be able to look back and remember those days and even share it with your baby as she/he grows up. Take some inspiration from these 6 creative photo shoot ideas that show off your bump in style.


1.It's a boy! It's a girl! Just spell it out

You can hold up a placard with the message ‘It’s a boy/girl!’ on it. Even using baby items in a picture to announce the good news would be awesome. Imagine an adorable blue pair of baby booties for a boy or a cute little princess tiara for a girl. Toys are another way to do it. You can keep the colours neutral if you don’t want to announce the sex of the baby. 


2. Alert - New status update!

Take a picture of your bump and maybe hold a paper next to it with the message ‘Uploading’. This is a great way to update your social media status and also inform everyone that you’re expecting in a cool, fun way.


3. Sonogram it from the rooftops 

Take a picture together with the first sonogram that you’ll take of the baby. This will definitely be an amazing way to keep a memento of the first time you’ll saw your little bundle of joy.


4. Play with baby props 

Keep track of your pregnancy journey and have the time of your life doing it. You can take pictures with baby shoes, clothes and accessories. The clothes could become a little bigger which each passing month. It’s a good way to collect a baby wardrobe even before the little one arrives!


5. Immortalize the moment in black & white

Take some candid shots of your pregnancy journey in black and white. You can take photographs with the daddy, siblings and even other members of the family like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.


6. Take it outdoors

The outdoors could provide you with some awesome backdrops for a photo shoot. From giant trees, soft waves in the background at the beach, a silhouette against the setting sun or even lying down on green, green grass at the park. Your choices are endless.