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Accidents: What to watch out for and how to handle them

There are innumerable ways of preventing accidents involving kids which may happen in their everyday lives. Here are some preventive measures you can follow to keep your kids safe and secure:

  1. Safety on road

Despite the advancement made in the automotive industry and innovative road safety measures, research proves that road accidents are the most common cause of death among children.

Keep children safe on the road with these products:

A child harness helps to restrain your child from walking too far away from you.

Give your little one added protection with a secure-belt travel pillow. It helps to prevent them from climbing out of their car seat.

A child car seat protects a child’s smaller frame in case of any accident.

  1. Safety on wheels

As your child starts cycling around, instruct him or her to wear a well-fitted helmet. In case they are reluctant to wear one, you can introduce them to cool styles like the Ferrari Helmet from Babyshop.

 Proper safety gear while cycling or skating protects your child’s head, elbows and knees.

  1. Playground safety

When it comes to playgrounds, there are many safety guidelines for us to keep in mind.

  • Don’t let children play barefoot. Shoes keep their feet safe.
  • Play only on dry equipment. If it is wet, they could slip and fall.
  • Teach children that pushing, shoving or crowding while on the playground can be dangerous.
  • Dress appropriately for the playground. Remove purses, scarves, or clothing with drawstrings that can get caught on the equipment and pose a strangulation hazard.
  • All the playground equipment like the slides, seesaw and the swing should be securely anchored to the ground.
  1. Safety around water
  • While teaching your child to swim, ensure that they use proper flotation equipment.
  • Install safety floats at regular interval on the circumference of the pool.
  • Water is a good conductor of electricity. Always ensure that there is no live current source near the water.

A safety float lets your kid stay afloat and protects your little one from accidentaly drowning

  1. Safety at home

While we are building a creative enviroment for our child, let us also ensure certain basic safety measures are put in place at home.

  • Keep medicines out of children’s reach.
  • Instruct your kid about the toxic and hazardous products in your home so they know the difference between a food item and a toxic substance.
  • Door stops and door holders can help prevent small fingers and hands being pinched or crushed in the doors and door hinges.
  • Keep the emergency phone numbers handy in case of an accident.

A Finger Pinch Guard prevents little fingers and hands from being hurt in between the door hinges.