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Childproofing Your Home

While you worry about the dozens of ways your child could get injured – playground injuries, accidents, getting lost etc – there is a higher possibility of him/her getting hurt right at home. Home is where the heart is – and a whole load of other things which might turn out to be a cause of injury for your little one. So how can you go about childproofing your house? Let’s take a look at few options below:

Lock it up

What would you do without your cabinets and refrigerators? These basics can turn into potential damage causers. Make sure to LOCK everything – from your fridge to cabinets and windows. Kids love playing hide and seek and may inadvertently find themselves locked in somewhere you can’t even imagine.


Safety is not child’s play

We know your child’s safety is important but this shouldn’t come in the way of their playful activities. They will crawl around the house and run from one room into another,  climb on tables and jump on the sofa. Make sure that your table corners are cushioned and you have walk through gates installed in the right locations, like stairways and backyards, to prevent their play time from becoming a worrying time for you.


Out of bounds!

Some areas like the kitchen or the tool shed should be out of bounds for kids and they should be taught to stay away early on. There are many kitchen hazards which can harm your child in the blink of an eye. If they do end up entering, make sure that you use backburners instead of the front ones and the handles are always turned away. Also, all the hot or sharp items should be pushed behind and kept out of reach so that your child can’t get to them easily.

Be careful!

Your home is your comfort zone and you like things to be the way they are, but your child isn’t used to this and even the most mundane objects like an old charger or battery seem like a novelty to play with. Make sure not to leave electronics plugged in and keep wires neatly organised and out of reach. Cover the electrical outlets before your kid realizes that his fingers and pencils can fit in the holes!

Even after all this, kids are bound to get a few scratches and bruises. It’s a part of growing up! Try not to worry too much and teach your kids the basics early on to avoid accidents and injuries.