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Dressing your bump

When it comes to dressing your baby bump, comfort and style are the key factors!
Is it true? We’re absolutely sure the answer is YES! You would love to pick outfits that complement your waist line as well as flatter your cute little baby stomach.
Mommies in this region face a challenging climate and keeping comfy and stylish during the warm, summer months can prove to be a huge task. Here are few things you can consider while you’re out pregnancy shopping:
Flatter and flourish: Make sure you fill your shopping bag with well-tailored, curve hugging styles that will drape to skim your bump. We agree dark colours will help you get the slim look but it is also important to add a dash of colour, preferably light ones that will keep you cooler. Put on some funky accessorises to uplift the overall look and ward-off unnecessary attention on your baby bump.
Dress to suit the environment: If you are going to often spend time outdoors, dress in fabrics that let you keep your body cool. Moreover, always keep an extra layer in your bag in case you find yourself in cooler environments. You could opt for breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as slinky jersey or fine silk and cotton blends. You can also have some mix-n-match fun by blending textures and combining fabrics.
Invest in wardrobe staples: Maternity wear can be heavy on your pockets, so always ensure you stick to affordable wardrobe essentials. Pick black, grey or brown trousers, colourful accessories and different tops to vary your daily look. If you’re working and need business attire, buy one suit jacket and a basic dress that can be worn to work as well as for a late night dinner plan.
Here are some staples that you should definitely buy:
Comfortable t-shirts: one or two in your favourite style and colour
Tunic-style wrap sweater/top/dress: flattering and will grow without cutting down on fashion
Maternity jeans: perfect choice for everyday wear
Gorgeous party dress: try choosing a wrap dress in soft jersey or an empire style
Leggings: go for black or grey leggings, best suited for versatility and comfort. Remember to buy a pair that is stretchy enough to hold their shape and yours
The Bella Band: a seam-free, stretchy band that’s a must have. It lets you extend your existing wardrobe by allowing you to leave zippers and buttons open, and having the band hold them in place, rather than investing in new skits, jeans and trousers