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Going through the development stages of your baby

Ever since you’ll get to know that you’re pregnant, we’re sure you will wonder what’s going on inside your womb with each passing month.
Here take a close look at your baby’s development right from conception to the due date:
1st Month: This is the most beautiful month as there’s nothing more amazing than creating a brand new life! In month one, conception is initiated as the sperm and egg merge and forms a zygote. One part of the zygote becomes the embryo while the rest becomes the placenta, the connection between you and your little one.
2nd Month: In this month, your baby is the size of a kidney bean, shaped like a comma. This stage is very crucial since the development of the central nervous system including the brain and spinal cord as well as the tiny heart will start forming. By the end of the month your baby’s webbed fingers and facial features will grow.
3rd Month: Your innocent one’s fingerprints will be in place in the third month. While the bone joints and body organs will start budding along with the digestive system. You will experience some movement in your stomach, as your baby will start moving. Moreover, the placenta provides your baby’s life support through the umbilical cord, offering nutrients from the placenta to your baby.
4th Month: Sized as big as your fist, in this month your little angel may begin thumb sucking however the eyelids will still be shut. Your baby’s eyelashes will be growing with tiny ears and the skin will be thin and transparent. Your baby’s immune system and bones will also be developing.
5th Month: By this stage, your baby will be half way there, and unique finger and toe prints begin to form. Your baby will be lying down under the skin and will be coated with fine hair that will help regulate the body temperature. In this month you will get to know if you’re going to be blessed with a boy or a girl through an ultrasound.
6th Month: Your little one will be really active, punching and kicking inside. The heart will get stronger and the brain will develop further. The lungs and breathing patterns will be established and you may experience baby hiccup from swallowing amniotic fluid. The hearing powers will also develop and your baby may yawn to unblock fluid from the ears.
7th Month: In this precious month, your baby is getting fuller, and the fingernails, eyelashes and eyebrows will grow completely by now. Your baby eyes will be open and the lungs will be developed to breathe air. In this phase, your baby may get startled with loud noises and you’ll experience some big kicks.
8th Month: Your baby will be rounder and the soft downy hair will drop off as the fat will help to keep it warm. Your baby’s all five senses will develop and you will sometimes experience a rolling action as your little one will start moving around. Your baby’s immune system will be completely developed to help combat infections after birth.
9th Month: The most anticipated month! The excitement will fill up the air as you’ll be gearing up for the arrival of your bundle of joy. Your baby will be able to recognise your voice and your baby will be positioned in a downward direction, with the head engaged in your pelvis. Your baby will be preparing for its first feed!