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Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids love playing dress up and admit it, you love dressing them up too.
Right mommies?
Halloween Costume Ideas
This Halloween you and your little one will have the perfect excuse to play dress up! We’re sure it will help you make memorable moments with your little munchkin.
But then coming up with a Halloween costume that is cool and funky can get a little tricky. We’ll make things simple for you! Here are a few tips for your little one’s Halloween costume:

Little Princess

Hallowen Baby Ideas
All girls are raised to think that they are princesses – that’s why this costume idea will always be a favourite with them.
For the dress you need
  • plastic table skirting
  • 1 yard of pink ribbon
  • 2 yards of pink tulle
  • 1 yard of white faux fur
  • ½ yard of elastic
  • To complete the costume you will need
  • a pink leotard
  • tights
  • ballet slippers
  • To hold it all together you will need
  • a hot-glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
Step 1:
For the skirt, cut a length of table skirting twice as wide as your child’s waist. Gather the waistband every 3 inches and press together using tape to secure. Cover the visible tape along the inside of the waistband with ribbon. Leave 8 inches of the waistband on the sides to tie the skirt closed. Cut pleated top off excess table skirting and attach it to the skirt’s plain hem for a ruffled look.
Step 2:
For the top, fold the tulle in half, lengthwise and then fold in half crosswise and cut a slit along the short fold, for the neck. Slip the tulle over child’s head and tie on by crisscrossing a sash around the chest and tie it around the waist.
Step 3:
For the stole use the faux fur. Cut a broad strip according to size and drape it over your child’s shoulders. To secure it in place, use glue to stick the underside to the shoulders.
Step 4:
To top it all use a store bought plastic tiara. Add a bit of glitter and your princess is ready to go!

Rubik’s Cube

If your little boy loves tinkering with toys then he will love wearing a Rubik’s cube costume.
  • Square box
  • Marble paper in green, blue, orange, red and yellow.
Step 1:
Make sure your child can fit into the box. Also the box should be narrow enough to allow for arm movement. Cut the flaps out of the bottom of the box. Glue the top flaps together and then cut a hole in the centre, wide enough for your child’s head to fit through. Cut holes on both sides of the box for the arms to go through.
Step 2:
Cover the front and back with marble paper. Pick any colour for each side. Repeat the process for the sides and make holes in the paper to accommodate the holes in the box.
Step 3:
Cover the top of the box with marble paper of the one remaining colour. Cut a hole in the marble paper corresponding to the hole in the box. Proceed to glue the paper to the box.
Step 4:
Your Rubik’s cube costume is almost ready; all it needs are a few finishing touches. Using a ruler and pencil, neatly divide each side into 16 squares. Cover the pencil lines with electric tape. Viola! Your costume is ready!


Another favourite for little girls is the mermaid costume. Making a costume that allows your little girl to look like a mermaid and move about at the same time can seem like a daunting task but with a little patience and the right material you can pull it off.
You can make this costume using bubble wrap and cupcake liners.
For the costume you need
  • 3 yards of bubble wrap
  • 3 yards of shiny wrapping paper
  • silver cupcake liners
  • ½ a yard of sequined elastic
  • couple of paper plates and
  • plastic headband
To be worn under the costume you will need a blue leotard and tights.
Step 1:
For the dress, cut the bubble wrap into 2 two-feet pieces and line the inside of them with the shiny wrapping paper so that the colour shows through. Next you will need a pair of scissors to trim along the top so that the dress is a snug fit around your child’s chest. Trim the bottom of both pieces into a point just below the knees. Glue the edges together to finish the dress.
Step 2:
Glue the edges of cupcake liners to the top of the dress. Glue 2 pieces of sequined elastic for straps. Cut the paper plate into two crescent shapes. Glue the wrapping paper on them. Stick the two crescents together to form the tail and then glue the tail to the bottom of the dress.
Step 3:
Glue the silver cupcake liners to the plastic headband to make the tiara.
Your little mermaid is all set to steal the show!
Mommies, which look will you go for this Halloween? Comment and tell us below.