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A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Congratulations you are pregnant! Do not get overwhelmed by the food charts and books lined on your shelf throwing volumes of information about food groups and body development at you.

Remember, following a healthy diet during pregnancy is easy, as you become naturally aware that you are now eating to provide the right nutrients for yourself, as well as your baby.

The first trimester is one of the most significant periods for your baby’s body development; it is also the right time to get your dose of prenatal vitamins. Besides that you can follow a healthy diet prescribed by your dietician based on your Body Mass Index.

To start with, it is important to get the right amount Folate or Folic acids as soon as you conceive and also during the first three months. You can stock your fridge with green leafy vegetables, bok choy, spinach, salad leaves, and broccoli. Do not forget to include Vitamin C in your meals. Vitamin C is found in citrus foods, tomatoes and capsicum.

Animal food sources provide iron that is easier to absorb than iron from plant food. The best way to get your quota of iron is lean meat, leafy vegetables, legumes, cereals. Consult your dietician to find the supplementary options to get your iron fill, if you follow a vegan or a vegetarian diet.

An adequate amount of iodine is required for your baby’s growth. It is essential to get your iodine supplements in the right measure (consult your doctor to know how many micrograms (Mcg) your body needs).  Dietary sources rich in iodine are fruits and vegetables, seafood, eggs and iodised salt.

If you love eating fish, you will have to be a little careful during pregnancy. Some fishes accumulate mercury which can be harmful for your baby’s development of nerves.

Food items that you should completely avoid during your pregnancy are – unpasteurised milk, uncooked meat and eggs, thick milkshakes, heat-and-eat meals, ready-to-eat-salads, and food items ladened with sugar and fats.

Great! Now that you have fulfilled your body’s requirement for essential vitamins and nutrients, you should be ready to welcome the new bundle of joy in your life!

The proof reading has been done by Dr. Shanthala Yashas from iCare Clinics.