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How to Foster a Healthy Lifestyle When You're Pregnant

Now that the good news has arrived, the next thing every mother should take care about is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each pregnancy begins with advice being handed over by relatives, friends and family but the most important person to listen to through this journey is your doctor, and of course, your own body.

That said, following these guidelines will help you foster a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy:

Eat Well

Eating healthy during pregnancy gives your baby the healthiest possible start as well as a smooth run for you. Since your baby grows with the nutrition you have, what you eat matters a lot. As a rule of thumb it is important to include healthy proteins, vitamin C, calcium, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, adequate fats and iron-rich foods.

While expectant mother are concerned about how much weight they will gain during pregnancy, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight gain.

Keep Active

Expecting mothers shouldn’t overly exert themselves but taking part in prenatal exercises during pregnancy has many benefits. It helps in improving sleep, reduces swelling and leaves you feeling happier and energetic while also making labour and delivery easier. Exercise provides endorphins that can keep you in a great mood and help you get your figure back faster after delivery. The decision of if one should take part in prenatal exercises depends on one’s pregnancy and should only be taken up on your doctor’s advice.

Let go of stress

Expectant mothers go through physical as well as emotional stress. A growing foetus derives all its nutrition from its mother which also leads to added strain on the spine, change in hormones and an expanded abdominal wall. Eating healthy and maintaining healthy levels of activity can help tackle this physical stress. And while pregnancies come with emotional stress as well, the best thing to do is surround oneself with supporting family and worry as less as possible.