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Keep them warm!

Wrapping your newborn in a swaddle has a number of benefits, not least that it helps to keep your baby warm and secure. In those first early days babies can be easily startled, even by themselves and their own reflexes. Your baby has been in a tight space over the last trimester of your pregnancy, suddenly having a lot of room to move can be a little overwhelming. It’s also beneficial while your baby adjusts to outside temperatures.
Babies are easily stimulated, and swaddling can be used as a method for calming them down, particularly if they are agitated and tired, and it’s a good way to help them fall off to sleep. Normally the nurses in your hospital will give you the low down on swaddling, but you can practice before your baby arrives on a doll.
Follow this simple diagram to see the ideal way to swaddle your little one.
Keep them warm in the winter