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Learning at It's Best!

What if your kids were learning something while staring at their bedroom walls? What if their brains were actually absorbing information while playing with their toys? These aren’t just what ifs any more. A new type of learning, known as incidental learning, seems to be the solution to all parent woes. It means random or unintentional learning. The best part about it is the learning process takes place while the student is doing something that is fun. They can keep learning without the impending fear of a math test and a strict teacher looming over them.

Let’s take a look at a few incidental learning tools that you can use around your kids, to have them turn into smart cookies in no time.

Math Tables

Even as adults we hate math, so we can relate quite well to your kid’s phobia of numbers. Look around for interesting posters of math tricks and tables, and fun equations and paste them on your kid’s cupboard to make sure they look at it every time they dress up. Before you know it, they’ll be chanting their tables at breakfast.


Trying to place locations on a map can make one lose their own mind; all in the vague quest of turning kids into geographers. Here’s an idea: put up a large world map as a wallpaper in your kid’s room or get a globe night lamp! We know the kind of wanderlust this induces in adults and we’re quite sure it won’t be long before your kids are charting up their own travel plans without even having to look at the map.


Books are the best teachers and companions one can have. A cute little library or bookstand will make them want to show-off their collection and of course, read more often than before. Do slip in an encyclopedia or dictionary in the collection so you’re not only improving their imagination, but also their knowledge and vocabulary. In the words of Confucius, “You cannot open a book without learning something.”

Educational Toys

The name says it all. They’re fun, addictive, interesting and though your kids’ don’t know it – educational. Toys require kids to use their imagination and as George Scialabba said, “Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.”

So mommies and daddies, create learning opportunities for your children as you never know where the royal road to learning might take them. After all there’s always one more thing to learn.