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Let's play indoors!

Kids are always excited and energetic when they get back home from school. Their first experience in school is like a roller coaster ride, with all the highs and lows.
What happens when your kids come home exhausted? Wouldn’t you love to perk up their happiness quotient?
let's play indoors
Well then, welcome few of your little one’s friends home and play these fun games:
Indoor Bowling:
A great way to reuse water bottles! All you have to do is line 6 – 10 bottles and the end of your hall. Put up a line as the starting line, grab a ball and start some bowling fun.
Balance Mania:
We all have masking tapes at home! So, why not put them to some use and liven up the environment at home? Put on some music, and tell your kids to walk with one foot in the air across the straight line of tape. You can also raise the difficulty level by asking them to walk backwards.
The perfect game to shake a leg on some good music and play at the same time! Sounds interesting? Play their favourite tunes and tell your little ones to dance until the music stops. When the music stops they will have to freeze in whatever position they find themselves in. The person who moves before 30 seconds will be asked to skip the game.
Magical Mama:
This game is an interesting one, all you have to do is place a coin under one of the three cups on the table and shuffle it around. After shuffling you can ask your little ones to identify where the object is. If they guess it write, you can pass on some sweets and chocolates.
Touch-n-Feel Box:
The best game to get your little ones acquainted with some important daily objects. Pick some things from the house, you can even include stationery stuff, put all of it in an empty box and cover it. Next, ask all the kids to come one-by-one, put their hand and feel any object inside the box and guess what it is.
These are some games that you can try out to entertain your little munchkin. In the comments tell us which one would you prefer?