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Prepare yourself for a healthy baby!

So you’ve decided to start a family! But are you really prepared for it physically? To give your baby the best start in life it is important to take utmost care of your general wellbeing, lifestyle, and medications. We have answered a few questions that every expecting mother has regarding her baby’s health. These solutions will help you prepare your body and mind as you get ready for motherhood.

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It’s worth visiting your gynecologist for a pre-conception check-up to make sure that your body is fit enough to carry your baby. Your check-up is an opportunity to talk through any health concerns or worries you may have.

However, if you have a long-running medical condition such as hypertension, epilepsy, asthma or diabetes, then consulting your doctor is a must. It is a good option to pursue genetic testing for specific conditions, based on your family history.

Make sure you take care of your oral health too as hormonal imbalances can lead to gum diseases!

Should I take any supplements?

As soon as you decide to start a family, start taking a daily supplement containing 400mcg of folic acid. Taking folic acid has been found to greatly reduce the risk of neural tube defects. It’s particularly important to have enough folic acid in the early weeks of pregnancy, as your unborn baby’s brain and nervous system are developing fast during this period.

What lifestyle changes should I make? 

Start making nutritious food choices, so that your body will be stored up with the nutrients you require for a healthy pregnancy. Avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine as your baby’s metabolism is still maturing and cannot fully metabolize caffeine. Start and stick to a fitness plan and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy newborn.

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Your little one’s health isn’t’t just affected by your body but also your mind. Boost your metal strength with yoga. It’s a great way to relieve your stress during your pregnancy.

Can the environment I live and work in affect my baby’s health?

Some substances at your home or workplace could harm your fetus. If you are pregnant or planning to be a mom, look closely at the environment where you are spending most time at. Think about the chemicals you use in your home & garden. Also find out from your employer whether you are being exposed to toxic substances like lead, mercury, pesticides or radiation.

If I have an infection, will it affect my baby too?

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Infections can harm both you and your baby. Some infections can cause birth defects or illness in your baby. A few infections can be prevented by vaccination or immunization.  Get advice from your doctor to know which vaccines are safe during pregnancy.

We would like to hear back from you. If you have any questions regarding how your pre-pregnancy choices affects your new born baby’s health, leave it in the comment box and our experts will answer them for you.