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Ways to help you sleep right during pregnancy

Having sleepless nights due to leg cramps, countless bathroom visits or heartburn? Don’t worry; we have listed down few amazingly useful tips to help you sleep more comfortably during pregnancy:

  1. Relax: Pregnancy is a beautiful phase, try to make the most of it by giving your body utmost time to loosen up and unwind. Just few minutes before sleeping, you can have a warm water shower and try staying away from books, newspapers or television.
  2. Skip naps: In the first trimester, you will be inclined towards sleeping during the daytime. Always keep in mind that naps absorb the sleep pressure that builds up during the day and keep you sleepless during nights.
  3. Watch your plate: Another thing that plays a very important role is your eating habit. Consuming several small, light meals during the day instead of a heavy meal at night can help you sleep well through the night. Also, make sure you do not consume caffeine close to your sleep time.
  4. Perfect position: Getting to know your perfect sleeping position is very crucial. Sleeping sideways will reduce the amount of pressure on your uterus and help you breathe better. You can also add on to the comfort level by supporting your baby bump with a pillow and putting a pillow between your legs.
  5. Keep it cool: When you’re pregnant, your body heat increases and if the room is stuffy it may add on to the discomfort. Find a temperature that best suits your body before you hit the bed. Ensure you switch off all the lights and keep the room dark since artificial lights tend to disturb natural sleep and mess with your sleep cycle.
  6. Say goodbye to worries: Don’t keep your mind stressed with all the to-do lists and chores for the next day. Free your mind from all anxieties and prepare it for a good night’s sleep. If you wake up at night, don’t get troubled. Don’t get worried and anxious since interrupted sleep during pregnancy is perfectly natural.
We’re sure that you’re now all set to hit the bed with ease and comfort. Make a note of these useful sleep secrets and enjoy a good night sleep!