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When Flying With Your Baby...

Mommies, have you ever feared taking flights with your infant?

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Traveling with the little one could be intimidating for the first few times, especially when the flights are long and at odd hours. No matter how well you prepare yourself, it may seem like you haven’t done enough to ready yourself for what’s coming forth!

Isn’t it true, mommies? Don’t fret about it anymore, as we have some handy insider tips that will ensure a safer and much smoother trip for you and your baby.

Make Smart Seating Arrangements!

If you and your partner are flying together along with the baby, make sure you pre-book your seats and get them together so each of you can take turns for holding the baby.

Here’s a smart tip – If the flight looks like it won’t get fully booked, get the aisle and the window seat. No one wants to sit between parents travelling with a small baby, and they may be open to taking another seat, somewhere else.

Arrive Much Before the Boarding Time to Prepare Yourself:

Give yourself enough time at the airport to feed and change nappies of your little one. You never know what the little one might strike you with. He or she could have a hunger, rash or a diaper crisis at the last minute! Make sure your schedule has enough time to accommodate his or her needs before you board the flight.

Pack Smart Too!

Carry a well-stocked bag to include diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a snack or two, a sippy cup and a toy. Keep one or two of your little one’s favourite videos on your phone or iPad to keep them occupied.

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Travel when your baby is ready to travel:

It is best to plan your trips during your baby’s nap times, or during hours you know your baby will soundly sleep. Wee hours in the morning are the best time to travel with your little one. You may be a little groggy eyed but you can rest assured that your baby will sleep throughout the flight.

Protect your little one’s ears

During descent and takeoff, give him or her something they can chew on to relieve ear pressure. A bottle nipple, pacifier or their favourite toy can help reduce the pressure on their ears.

And lastly, be nice to your fellow passengers. Yes, mommies. Sometimes a small note, a smile or a word of precaution to your fellow passengers can work wonders. They become extra sympathetic and helpful towards you, and may even help with the little one if need be.